Webster Broadband Cooperative offers membership services to anyone who lives in the network area.  The goal is to make the service affordable to all who wish to join while sustaining the business. Members will receive unlimited high-speed internet of up to 10 Megabits per second with no data caps or throttling.






There are four costs involved: a membership fee, a monthly service fee, an equipment fee and an installation fee. Here are the details: 


  • 1. A one-time membership fee to join the coop of $149, which helps to cover the cost of tower construction, township permits and fees, backhaul, insurance and other costs from maintaining the tower, equipment and the network.  
  • 2. The monthly service fee is $74, billed on the 5th of every month.
  • 3. An equipment cost varies between  $175 to $420 depending on what is needed for a good link.
  • 4. A Basic installation fee, paid to a third party professional installer who would work directly for you.

The Cost

How Webster Broadband Co-Op is Different From  Commercial Service Providers:

As a member of the Co-Op,  it’s important to understand the differences between a commercial Service Provider, and what Webster Broadband Co-Op provides. Here are some of the major differences:


  • To receive internet services, you must first join the Co-Op by accepting our membership agreement and pay a membership fee .
  • With help from the Co-Op, you buy, install, and maintain your own equipment to connect to the tower.
  • The Co-op will provide unlimited internet service of up to 10 Megabits per second, with no data caps or throttling.
  • Webster Broadband is a non-profit cooperative governed by an established set of by-laws. All work is done by members who volunteer their time to keep costs low and benefit the Co-Op.

To Join:

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